Quote Tattoos Are Still Cool

Quote tattoos have always been cool and continue to gain popularity every day. Why? They are a great way to express yourself and a very different way to make a statement with your own twist. Quote tattoos have become a tattoo artists bread and butter, as every 18 year old runs to the local tattoo shop to get theirs before their friends do, they are most common with younger people from the age of 18 to 25.

Quote tattoos have been around for a long time, they are nothing new. People are just becoming more clever with the meanings and using them to make individual statements and express what they feel or believe to the world. You can walk through the local mall or grocery store and if you look around, you will surprised in how many quote or word tattoos that you will see.

Quotes Tattoos ImageYou will see quote tattoos done in many different styles of writing, many artist rely on basic computer fonts for there designs and others go the extra yard to draw something that is unique and artistic. what you chose is up to you, but check out all of your options before taking the plunge.

Some of the sayings have deep meaning to the individual getting the tattoo, some of them are done just to be funny.
Many people use biblical sayings or words from their favorite songs,  Whatever the case, Quote tattoos are here to stay for awhile and will be seen in nursing homes in the future years to come.

The one thing to remember before rushing out and getting your own personal quote tattoo, is that they are forever. What you want right now may be completely different from what you want the world to see on you in 10 or 20 years. I would suggest really thinking about it and making sure that it is something that you can live with forever.

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