Rapper 50 Cent Had Several Tattoos Removed

The legendary rapper 50 Cent has been getting several tattoos removed recently. Many hip hop enthusiasts that follow the rapper’s career are surprised at this sudden change in behavior from Fifty, as he is normally heading in the opposite direction, meaning that he’s always showcasing some new ink. This has disappointed many fans with similar 50 Cent tattoos. They are now left feeling as those they were left high and dry.

50 Cent Tattoos ImageAccording to 50 Cent, who’s real name is Curtis Jackson, he’s been having his tattoos removed for acting reasons. Mr. Jackson has become a rising acting star recently, appearing in several block buster hits such as Last Vegas, Real Steel, and Entourage. Apparently the star has been having the tattoos removed around his wrists, arms, and other areas that identify him as “50 Cent”, something that can take away from the realism of whichever role he is attempting to play on the big screen. Generally, he just has make-up placed over the tattoos during filming, however, he claims that it is a nuisance to have done, and instead it is easier to just have the tattoos removed altogether. Replica 50 Cent tattoos that fans were getting have now quietly stopped, as no one wants a replica tattoo if he’s going to get it removed later down the road.

The specific tattoos that he has had removed recently include every single tattoo that was previously on both of his arms. These include ink works such as several black tribal tattoos, his black “50” tattoo that wrapped around the outer side of his upper arm, and several red, black, and green scripture pieces that had an orange fire outline.

When asked about the massive “50 Cent” Tattoo on his back, and the black tribal wrappings that cover the bullet hole scars on his chest, Fifty said that he had no plans at all of removing those. The giant “50 Cent” tattoo complete with black, blue, orange, and green colors, is probably the hip hop artists most famous ink design. Many fans were relieved to know that his most famous tattoo is staying put, at least for now.

The fact that 50 Cent is removing his beloved ink designs just goes to show you how absolutely dedicated he is to pursuing his acting career. It is widely known that 50 Cent has already accumulated hundreds of millions of dollars from various sponsorships, so he really doesn’t need any more money. When asked why he is continuing to work in acting when he has already accumulated so much wealth, he stated that it is simply for the love of acting.

So if you are thinking about getting some ink work done that resembles any 50 Cent tattoos, then you might want to hurry. While the artist has claimed that he is done having tattoos removed, many people think that he may actually get several more removed. Tattoo artists around the globe are busy cataloging Fifty’s existing ink work via digital photos, just in case he gets any more ink removed.

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