Religious Tattoo Ideas; Christian, Patron Saint, Hindu Gods & Jewish Tattoos

From angels to Zeus, religious tattoos are a personal, private choice, often placed where others will see them. Finding religious tattoo ideas that represent your individual faith, without being offensive to others, for example, in the workplace, can be a bit tricky. But with a little imagination and a lot of thinking, you’ll be able to come up with something tasteful and representative of your holy faith.



Religious Tattoo Ideas BackpiecePossibly the most popular religious tattoos would be of the Christian variety. Jesus, Mary, crosses, the Bible and many other holy symbols are often the focus of body art. Bible verses are another popular choice, either the book and verses in short or a long passage spelled out. Mostly for women, although men have requested this tattoo as well, is a rosary and cross style tattoo done as a bracelet around the wrist or as a necklace around the neck. The choice would be a personal one for each individual having a tattoo of this type done on their body.

Jesus is the most popular religious tattoo known, however, Buddha is a close second. The Virgina Mary is closing the small gap being Buddha as number three. There are many variations on the Jesus tattoo, the one of Jesus on the cross, as a younger man, with his flock of sheep, healing people, with animals, near a stream, the images are endless.

Patron Saint

Many individuals have grown up with a faithful patron saint watching over them. To pay tribute to this saint, a modest tattoo would be one way of showcasing your devotion. There are options for wildly colorful St. Francis de Sales, the patron saint of authors, to a more modern outline of Joan of Arc, the patron saint of soldiers, rape victims and France. Whichever saint has gotten you through your darkest days, you might consider religious tattoo ideas in body ink to pay homage to them.

Hindu Gods

There are a number of Hindu gods and goddesses that could become beautiful tattoos. The majority of them have rich, vibrant colors that transform well onto the canvas of skin tones. The Hindu elephant headed god Ganesha is a popular choice. This god/goddess is known for different reasons. The most popular is one of protector of the weak, Heramba Vinayakar or the five-faced elephant Ganesha.

Another exciting example of a Hindu god is Hanuman, the monkey god. He is powerful, faithful, courageous and selfless in his service to others. His face and body give a tattoo artist plenty of opportunities to create a beautiful piece of art work.

Jewish Tattoos

Religious Tattoo Ideas JewishHowever the official rules dictate for or against body art, there are going to be people of Jewish faith who want a tattoo. And one that represents their strong Jewish faith. There are several different options to choose from, such as the Star of David and various words using Hebrew letters and characters. Just be certain the tattoo artist you choose knows the Hebrew characters and letters perfectly. You don’t want your tattoo to say one thing when you meant for it to say something completely different.

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