Rib Tattoos For Guys

Tattoos have never been more popular than they are today, and when thinking about getting a tattoo, there are many places on the body to consider. Rib tattoos for guys seem to be getting more frequent. Why? Because the body is a living canvas, where a person can display many of their likes, interests and beautifully designed tattoos. The ribs offer a large area for tattoo artists to work with.

Rib Tattoos For Guys ImageAnother reason why rib tattoos for guys are popular is obvious. Many companies and professions forbid tattoos on certain areas of the body such as the hands, back of the neck, wrists and other visible areas of the body. This is unfortunate for those who love tattoos. But, the rib areas are great places to get a tattoo, because when you’re off work you can still flaunt your tattoos on your own time.

The rib area provides enough room to get creative in your choice of tattoos. For women, the ribcage becomes an erotic area to get a tattoo, for men it exudes a sense of manliness or masculinity. Any kind of tattoos can be displayed on the ribcage, portraits, inspirational words or pictures. If you’re having difficulty deciding on the design or kind of tattoo to get, then here is a list of some great ideas.

Some Great Ideas for Rib Tattoos for Guys

Masculine Tribal Tattoos – There are a plethora of tribal tattoo designs that vary from culture to culture, but they are mainly made up of masculine solid black lines that twist into sharp artistic designs. Many of the tribal tattoos are designed to curve along the natural contour of the human body and make an ideal choice of tattoo design for the rib area. While originally designed in black, various colors have been added to tribal tattoos that have given them more depth, style and appeal.

 RIP Tribute Tattoos – Have you lost a good friend, spouse or family member? It is difficult to let the memory of them go, but you don’t have to. A RIP tribute tattoo can honor them in your own special way. Having a tattoo of your loved one’s name, the dates of their birth and death, along with a special meaningful quote or image, is one of the best ways to keep the memory of them alive. This type of tattoo will always be sought after and it is one of the most meaningful types of tattoos a person can get.

Zodiac Rib Tattoos for Guys – Zodiac tattoos are definitely a masculine choice to put on your ribs. If you feel a natural association and attraction to the stars, there is no better way to show others how you feel than a zodiac tattoo. Each sign has its own unique meaning and design. By showing off your specific zodiac sign, you can let others know the kind of personality you have. Each sign has unlimited ways a tattoo artist can draw it, and having a hand in the design of your own unique version will surely make you feel proud when others get a glimpse of it.

These are just a few ideas of the types of rib tattoos for guys. The human body is a living canvas and you have the choice to put anything on it you want. Unfortunately, many employers have tattoo restrictions on different areas of the body. So when thinking about getting a tribal tattoo, memorial tattoo or a zodiac tattoo, consider the benefits of having ink done on your ribs.

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