Ring Tattoos; The Symbol Of Everlasting Love

Ring tattoos are tattoos that are place where a wedding ring or other ring might go on the finger. It is the ultimate symbol of love because a man or woman cannot take it off when their significant other is out of town to go tom catting around town. It is there for life.  Why not stick with the traditional metal ring? Metal, especially gold is out of reach for most people. Add a diamond on top of it and you will be paying on that ring through your twentieth anniversary. The cost is enough to turn some from metal, but there is also the idea of commitment.

Ring Tattoos ImageThere is a fifty percent chance that the marriage will not work according to some statistics. Knowing this, a person with a metal ring can simply take it off, arrange for a divorce, and head back into the happy hunting grounds of single life. With a ring tattoo, that hunting ground is not so happy anymore. People will know that you are marked and shooting for that one night stand will take a lot of explaining. When two people really want to make it work and commit themselves to the marriage, the ring tattoo is the ultimate symbol.

Ring tattoos can be simple or intricate in design. The design can be a simple dark band, or it can hold delicate Celtic designs that will ohh! and aww! the bridesmaids. The name of the significant other can also be inked within the ring to add that extra layer of security and commitment. It would be hard to explain the Suzy or Mary in the ring’s center to a potential date if the marriage did not work out. So, if metal rings are two expensive and you have really found the love of your life, try a tattoo ring and be bound for life.

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