Sagittarius Tattoos: Brings Out the Centaur in You

Are you dark on one side and show light on the other? A little man…..A little beast? Bring out the wild side of your Zodiac sign with Sagittarius tattoos. Sagittarius represents positive assertion and one who is full of power.

Show that assertion and do not be ashamed of yourself and be ready to show that new Sagittarius tattoo when you get that old pick up line, “Hey baby, what’s your sign?” Just roll up the sleeve, show that tattoo, and with a wink and a smile, your night just got better.

Sagittarius Tattoos ImageSagittarius tattoos are great as a stand-alone tattoo. Just a man’s torso on a horse’s body shooting arrows at the stars in defiance to the gods. The symbol speaks for itself, but can be embellished by adding drawings of planets, stars or flowers. Adding color to design will make the tattoo dramatic and intense.  One who knows the Zodiac will know that you are a person that demands respect and will get that respect no matter what.

The image of a centaur shooting arrows skywards are appropriate because Sagittarians tend to shoot for the stars. When a problem comes up the problem will be solved. A Sagittarius tattoo will stand out in any crowd and will be a conversation starter at any gathering. The tattoo is great for men and women who want others to be interested in knowing that this person gets what they want. It shows strength and vitality unlike any other sign. It speaks for itself.

So let the centaur come out in you. Take what you want and get a Sagittarius tattoo to show the world that you get what you want. Wear it proudly and let the world know, “I am Centaur, hear me roar.”

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