Sailor Jerry Tattoos Live On

Vintage styled tattoos are typically a popular choice among those who enjoy getting inked up. One of the most alluring and common form of vintage tattoos include Sailor Jerry Tattoos. These are tattoos that represent popular fashion, symbols and trends that occurred in the 1950’s. This includes anchors, pin-up girls, music symbols and those iconic red hearts. Even though tattoos are fairly popular now-a-days, back in the 1950’s tattoos were frowned upon so those who decorated their bodies were considered rebellious.

Sailor Jerry Tattoos ImageNorman Collins or better known as, Sailor Jerry, was without a doubt the most prominent and in-demand tattoo artists during the 1950’s. As a sailor in the navy, Collins gained exposure to the world of tattoos in Asia. Not only did he get his first tattoo, but he also opened up his very own tattoo shop located in the heart of Honolulu’s Chinatown. In this tattoo parlor, many sailors came together to have a good time while drinking and getting tattoos. Many men even paid for woman to get Sailor Jerry tattoos. Sailors were typically very superstitious so they would get tattoos that were symbols for safe travel, luck and returning home.

One of Sailor Jerry’s most popular tattoo designs was the swallow bird. This delicate bird was a symbol for the soldiers as hope for returning home safely. It also poses for a symbol of infinite love and loyalty to their families as these birds mate for life and always migrate back home. The anchor was another popular Sailor Jerry design as it is a representation of stability in the life of a sailor. Nautical stars were tattooed on sailors as a belief that they help guide the soldiers home while keeping them on the right course of their lives. Other popular Sailor Jerry tattoo designs include shellback turtles, pig and rooster, hearts with ‘mom’ or the name of a special girl in the center, and the Asian cultured golden dragon.

The trend of Sailor Jerry Tattoos has continued to remain popular long after the death of Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins. People all around the world become inspired by the look of these classic designs when they make the choice to get a tattoo. The look of these older designs have become some of the most recognizable tattoo designs are the world.

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