Samurai Tattoo: Showing the World You Are More than a Warrior

The Samurai where ancient warriors that ruled the streets of Japan. Armed with a razor sharp sword called a Katana, the Samurai policed the towns and provinces and helped to protect the Japanese empire. They were known as street judges and would make judgments on people that committed crimes and would serve punishment to these people. Even summary execution was performed if the Samurai decided that the crime was worth death. A Samurai tattoo can symbolize this ancient warrior and the code they lived by. It should show the honor, bravery, and the justice that the Samurai portrayed.

Samurai Tattoo ImageLike the Knights of old, Samurai warriors lived by code call Bushido or the Way of the Warrior.  It was a way of living, not just one of dying and fighting. The code was taught to the sons of the Samurai and was ingrained into their minds at an early year. Character traits were taught so that the young boys could grow into Samurais like their fathers. The tradition was rich and a Samurai tattoo can carry on that tradition in the shape of a Katana or with the tattoo of the warrior himself inked upon your body.

A Samurai tattoo can represent the attributes of Bushido. Courage is one attribute that is always aligned with the Samurai. The courage was not only demonstrated in battle but in all areas of life. The mental and moral courage that went beyond combat fierceness was needed on a daily basis.  This meant the warrior had to be courageous on the battlefield and when making tough decisions when they came up in every day. The tattoo of the Kanji symbol would represent this attribute of the Samurai. This tattoo alongside the tattoo of the Katana, or Samurai sword would show the world that you are ready to take on any challenge.

Loyalty is another attribute of the Bushido code. The warrior was expected to have undying loyalty to his lord or emperor. The Samurai was to lay down his life for his leader with no questions. The loyalty was renown throughout Japan and because the people knew of this loyalty, the Samurai was respected and obeyed. They knew if they were going against the emperor or leader, the Samurai would dispel street justice and they would be killed or beheaded publicly. The Samurai himself, would commit Hara-Kiri or suicide if he felt that he had dishonored his leader or had dishonored himself beyond retribution.

As you can see a Samurai tattoo can mean anything to the wearer, but honor and courage tops the list. You do not have to follow the Bushido tradition to wear the tattoo, just respect the history and legacy behind it. The tattoo will fit right in to other tattoos of Asian design. Ying-Yang, a Japanese letter or word, or even the katana itself can be intertwined into a tattoo that will be truly original. Most tattoo artists will have the stencil in stock, but you can be inventive and find a design online for the artist to copy.

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