Shoulder Tattoos For Guys

Getting a tattoo is a meaningful and lasting experience for men and women. People begin to think about their first tattoo as young as 16. Some men get tattoos for different reasons. Some are four memorials to the family they have lost. Some get tattoos because of specific gangs or clubs that they belong. When they go to get their tattoo, men usually know what type of design that they wish to have on their shoulder. Shoulder tattoos for guys can be religious designs, medieval designs, a name, a picture of a person, or a part of an overall body design.

Shoulder Tattoos For Guys ImageWhen men choose their tattoos for their shoulders, they choose a tattoo that will either cover the whole shoulder or low down on the back of the shoulder. Shoulder tattoos for guys are usually colorful and open for clear interpretation. Shoulders are the perfect place for tattoos because the do not discolor as bad as arms. Below are some tattoo suggestions for the shoulder.

• Religious tattoos are very important to many people. Some guys feel they are expressing their religious beliefs by displaying crosses, angels, bible scriptures, or pictures of lost loved ones. Some people take the religious tattoos to the next level with good and bad portrayed on their shoulder.

• Medieval tattoos are tattoos of favorite things such as knights and armor. People that are involved in reliving the times of sword fights and body armor will choose their favorite characters to have as a tattoo. Medieval tattoos are colorful and bright. If there is a specific character, the artist will do a drawing of the way the person describes before doing the actual tattoo.

• Name tattoos are very popular as shoulder tattoos for guys. Most men will get a tattoo of their girlfriend or wife’s name. Sometimes they will even get their children’s names tattooed on their shoulders as a form of pride for the entire world to see. Names can be spiritual or memorial as well. These tattoos are normally done in a specific font and color that the man chooses.

• Photographs are done when someone dies or there is a new baby arrival. Men use shoulder tattoos to express their love for others.

• Body tattoos can start at the shoulders and continue down the body. Some people like tattoos of tribal photos and pin up girls or large body parts. It does not distort the image and does not fade as much on the shoulders. Adding ornamental color to the rest of the body with designer dragons or oriental features is one favorite of the shoulder tattoos for people.

Tattoo artist works very hard to prepare and design meaningful and beautiful tattoos for men and women. Most tattoo parlors have design books that people can look through to choose their tattoo. Having a tattoo design put on their body is an important decision. The tattoo needs to be done right because they will remain in the body for the rest of their lives. Yes, some people have tattoos removed or tattooed over but the majority of people keep their tattoos for their entire life.

A tattoo artist can touch up a tattoo that is discolored. They can tattoo over bad tattoos or they can help people choose designs that will mean something to them. Features on the shoulder tattoos for guys are usually bold and outlined so that they pop whenever the guy is showing it off. From the thousands of tattoo choices, the person is sure to find his desire.

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