Shoulder Tattoos For Men

Shoulders provide a unique canvas upon which to inscribe with ink. The roundness and grooves of the male shoulder muscles make for the kind of ink art that can seem 3-D. The shoulders’ surface area comprises anterior, posterior, and lateral views, granting the tattooed guy an opportunity to show off the same masterpiece tat from multiple directions at once.

When the time comes, any man exploring the possibility of a shoulder tattoo will benefit from research about designs. Create your own, or mix and match templates designed by a professional ink artist. For starters, consider the following tattoos, all of which are fast becoming some of the edgiest of choices.

Shoulder Tattoos For Men ImageTribal is still popular, however cliche some might think it. With Mayan end-of-the-world symbols having entered the ink vernacular, tribal lives on. Tats depicting masks of Mayan Gods floating above elements seem perfectly suited to a shoulder. The meatier the shoulder, the better.


As in Greece. Spartan soldiers are marching out of the woodwork and drawing the line in the sand of guys’ shoulders. Warrior faces or complete action figure stances are arriving with a vengeance at ink studios. Custom design your gladiator and invest him with all the balls you wish you had. Adorn his shield with your initials.

Sporty Wheels

You think your vintage personality shouts 80s Rolls Royce? Tell the world by putting it on your shoulder. Guys in gyms the world over are doing bench presses while simultaneously showing off the luxury chariot they desperately want but will never be able to afford. Cars work well on the shoulder, and your body moving through space gives the impression the car is cruising. Pimp your ink ride.


Nobody gets your sudden fixation on Wicca, black eyeliner, and Boca burgers, but that’s okay. It’s your life. It’s your shoulder. Go ahead and get that shoulder tattoo featuring the naked goddess who looks like your favorite Vivid Video girl dancing beneath a huge, phallic oak tree. Pretend she’s your ex at parties. It’s not only a great conversation piece, but other hot chicks will get off on knowing other hot chicks have dated you. That’s actually written down somewhere. Perhaps on some guy’s shoulder.

The array of shoulder tattoos for men is as endless as a man’s imagination. Skip names of girlfriends, period. Explore iconic movie heroes, popular super heroes with your face superimposed over theirs, or age old villains everyone sort of respects, like Billy the Kid. Go Tebow and ink your favorite chapter and verse onto your shoulder, or ink the single most irreverent Jack Nicholson quote that sums up your whole drunken, blurry, amazingly enjoyable bachelor’s life. In short, put whatever the hell you want on your shoulder.

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