Show Your Inner Nerd with an Atomic Tattoo

So you like to read instead of playing video games? You are more into science than you are into sports? You may not wear glasses or wear a pocket protector, but everyone has a little nerd in them. Why not show the inner nerd in you with an atomic tattoo.

Atomic Tattoo ImageThis type of tattoo design is the atomic particle symbol. For the non-nerd readers, this is the symbol of the proton, neutron, and the orbiting electrons. The atomic particle is the basic element of life. It is what makes everything have mass.

Even if you have other rad tattoos, an atomic tattoo can be something distinct and unique. It represents the cohesiveness of the universe or it can be a symbol of your serious side. Science is absolute, and with this type of tattoo, you can show that you are a down to earth person that relies on facts and numbers instead of fancy and fiction. It shows that you are not afraid to show that you are a man or woman of rationale instead of faith. It can also represent your career as a chemist, biologist, or physicist.

The unique attribute of an atomic tattoo is that the possibilities of design are endless. You can make your tattoo your own by adding more electrons or by placing more neutrons or protons into the nucleus. Color is also arbitrary because each part of the particle can be colored differently. Even the orbit of the electron can alternate color to show artistic taste and style.

Another unique feature is that you can add to an existing sketch of a tattoo. If you find an atomic tattoo already designed. You make it your own by changing the existing design to match a favorite compound.

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