Simple Tattoo Ideas Say A Lot

If you are thinking about getting a tattoo, you do not have to develop an elaborate tattoo or sit for hours designing something that turns into a huge project. Simple tattoo ideas are out there and with a little imagination and help from your tattoo artist, you can find the tattoo that is right for you. If you have never had a tattoo, a simple tattoo might ease you into the experience and allow you to find out if body art is right for you. If you are a seasoned tattoo wearer, a simple tattoo might add something to your existing body art.

Geometric Shapes

Geometric shapes are simple tattoos that follow a simple pattern of shape or function. These shape can be stand alone or they can be interconnected for a one of a kind simple pattern. Squares, triangles, circles, and rectangles can form together shapes where words or smaller pictures can be inserted into them. Geometric patterns have a mystique from ancient man that brings in a simple tattoo that can be added to later on.


Simple Tattoo Ideas ImageStars are very popular with women and many of the stars that are tattooed are colorful and add a spark of creativity in the tattoo. Even the star shape is simple, the meaning behind the star can be powerful. For example, a nautical star can mean a direction in live or a beacon to return home. Other types of stars, such as the Star of David or the North Star can be a representation of one’s belief in God or in concept of heaven.

Ring Tattoos

A ring tattoo is a simple tattoo idea that are very popular. The ring tattoo would be inked right on the finger that you would wear a ring. The tattoo can be solid, a script of words, or even a Celtic knot. The ring tattoo looks like a ring and can have the same symbolism as a ring. Some wearers even wear them as an engagement ring, a wedding ring, or a ring that has some kind of symbolism of love and friendship.


If you are Irish or just feel like you need a little help, a shamrock may be the right tattoo for you. Of course you will have it green in color, but the shamrock can be your totem for luck and prosperity. It is the perfect tattoo to celebrate your Irish heritage and everyone needs a little extra luck. You can add to it later with a tattoo of a Leprechaun or a pot of gold under a rainbow.

Remember that any simple design can be elaborated later on or you might want to let that simple design idea be the first and last tattoo. When you pick out that design, let it mean something to you. Something that you can look at and align it with a time in your life for celebration or for sadness. Any changes or milestones in your life can be represented by your simple tattoo.

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