Small Tattoo Ideas

Making the decision about getting a tattoo takes some serious thought, this is because it is permanent! That means you will have it forever, that is, of course you decide to go through the process of laser removal which can be painful, long, and not so pretty. Even simply a small tattoo takes a lot of thought, these are a good choice to go with especially if it is your first tattoo. Some small tattoo ideas may be in terms of what interests you, your beliefs, personality types, or just something random. Along side with deciding what your tattoo is going to be, there is also the decision of where you would like it to be. You want to think things through as thoroughly as possible to assure yourself of no regrets at any time in the far or near future.

Small Tattoo Ideas ImageSome small tattoo ideas may be some representation of something that is significant in your life. Words or quotes can be done small and still look pleasant, plus there are many fonts and styles to choose from. Flowers look elegant no matter how big or small, and there is such a vast amount of flower species and unique designs. There are so many symbols that may be used as a representation. A butterfly can represent freedom or a new life, also a plant sprout is a great representation for life, prosperity, and growth. A shield or some sort of armor might represent your spiritual militancy, a cross, star of David, or any other symbol that signifies your religious faith can make a great small sized tattoo. There are so many tattoos that can be small and still look great. Music notes are beautiful, stars, hearts, the sun, the moon, or even a planet. What ever interests you, there is a way to bring it to life through a small tattoo.

Figuring out what you want is hard, but figuring out where to put the tattoo is also really hard. Some small tattoo ideas in terms of placement may be in a visible area or in a hidden area. The wrist is a common location for a smaller sized tattoo, it is a great place because it is visible, but also can be covered quite well if there is some reason it needs to be. Behind the ear is a another common place especially for females, this is because it can be classy but also very sexy at the same time. The lower ankle area or calf is a nice place, and so is the shoulder. For girls, under the breast area is an attractive location for a tattoo, big or small. Depending on the tattoo, it can look great from your fingers to your feet, it just depends on the style and formation.

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