Spotlight on Star Tattoos

Are you a “juke box hero”, with a star in your eye? Maybe an Ace Frehley fan from the band “kiss”? If your ambitions are to be in the spotlight, transfer those ambitions into a star tattoo.

A tattoo of a star represents that there is more in your life than what others might see. The star is a symbol of direction, ambition, and navigation. Having a star inked on your body will let people know that you have all of these attributes. A star shines and so will you.

Star Tattoos ImageStars are usually a five pointed polygon that looks like the traditional star, but there are other shapes that are called stars. Nautical stars and a Pentagram are also considered stars, especially in the world of body art.  Nautical stars represent goals, hope, safety, and protection.

A Pentagram is perceived as a symbol of balance and protection. Shooting stars represent a quick rise to the top. Most star tattoos have something to do with direction and can be used as a stand-alone tattoo or can be intricately interwoven with other tattoos to create a tapestry of beauty and wonder.

So why should you get a star tattoo? They are unisex in design. Men or women can wear them and they are not gender specific. The thick inked lines and solid, geometrical shapes makes a bold tattoo that stands out from others.

There is no standard color for this kind of tattoo. It can come in whatever color you want because of the simple design.  Because of the simplicity of the design, a tattoo of a star is relatively cheap compared to other tattoos.

The stars can be any size. A design of stars within stars or a series or chain of stars give the wearer a persona of design, order, and complexity.

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