Stars Tattoo: From Direction to Religion

The star tattoo has been popular since its conception decades ago. Both genders are wearing the star tattoo in various forms for various reasons. There are several star designs that will have different significance for the wearer and the viewer alike. They are almost cryptic in nature with a general symbolism, but an individual conception of what the tattoo means. The tattoo is considered for historical, philosophical, and religious reasons, though some people will choose this design because of personal preference. Whether it is a traditional five pointed star, a pentagram, or a nine pointed Enneagram, a star tattoo will add to the overall vision of your body art.

Stars Tattoo ImageThe basic star design is made of four or five points. This is usually associated with the stars in the sky and can take on any symbolism one wishes. The star is simplistic in design, but with other tattoos it can represent the wearer reaching for the stars or multiple stars could be added to make a tattoo of a constellation. The star can be the back drop of a tattoo drawn within the star or it could surround a central tattoo to give it accent or meaning. The symbolism is open for debate with the simple design, so it is up to the consumer to find that meaning.

A rare, but awesome star tattoo is the nine pointed star of the Enneagram. The tattoo means nine points. The name of the star is Greek in origin. The star is a symbol of the Baha faith and though a five pointed star is the symbol of the religion, the nine pointed star represents the essence of god.  The star can be configured several ways and the purpose of the tattoo is to show the completeness of man and god together. Though there are various interpretations, this rings true for a person who gets this tattoo for religious purposes.

The North Star or Nautical star is a stars tattoo the represents direction. It either means the person needs direction or the person is a self-directed individual. The North Star can also have religious undertones as the star that led the three Wiseman to the manger to visit Christ on his birth. The star is a beacon of hope and can even be interpreted as a goal to achieve. The Nautical version of the star represents the direction of a ship or other ocean going vessel.

Whatever stars tattoo that you choose, make sure that it has meaning to something in your life. You may like the design, but research the true symbolism of the tattoo. The stars are held sacred by many religions from Judea to Christianity, to Hinduism. Each has its own back story and tradition. To wear the stars tattoo without a reason somehow takes away from the history of the design. A tattoo of a star should say something about who you are and what you believe in.

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