Stomach Tattoos: From Six Pack to Spare Tire

The popular body parts for tattoos are usually the arms, legs, shoulder, wrist, and ankles. Stomach tattoos are becoming increasingly more popular. Why not? Your stomach, no matter the width or girth, is a part of your body.  There are several types of stomach tattoos and if you have a tattoo at the base of your back, then it can easily transcend into a stomach tattoo that can bring continuity to the entire image. Stomach tattoos are unisex and can be inked on a well-muscled six pack or the more common spare tire.  No matter the body type, a tattoo on the stomach will make a statement.
Stomach Tattoos ImageStomach tattoos for girls are great if one wants a sexy, feminine tattoo that embellishes the personality, and the erotic sensuality that is associated with the female body. When an air of mystery is wanted, the stomach can emulate this scenario as it is between the two naughty areas. The tattoo can impress your significant other and at the same time be shown publicly to get that second look, not because of the rarity, but because of the sensuality portrayed.  This type of tattoo can be displayed when at play but also can be covered up easily when at work.
Many think that a stomach tattoo would be painful, but in reality it is less painful than tattoos that are closer to the bone like on the wrist or ankle. Pain thresholds differ from one person to the next, but the stomach has less pain receptors on skin and the texture of the stomach protects the nerve endings more.  This is sometimes disputed because some people will have more feelings in the stomach than in the arm, but it is depending on the person and how their neurons and pain receptors are wired.

When you decide on a stomach tattoo, have a clear vision of what you want and make sure it is communicated to the artist.  Miscommunication could lead to a poorly inked tattoo that does not fit the personality of the wearer or the original intent of the tattoo.  There are stencils available for a stomach tattoo, but if you want an original, one of a kind tattoo that is uniquely yours, then you might have to spend a couple of more dollars to get a personalized tattoo. The only drawback for a stomach tattoo is that as we age, so does are body and when the stomach grows, so will the dimension of the tattoo.

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