Stupid Tattoos: Stupid Is As Stupid Does

According to Forrest Gump’s Mama, “Stupid is as stupid does.” What does that mean? Who the hell knows? One interpretation could be what parents for eons have said, “Tattoos are stupid!” Well that is a matter of opinion, but when you want to have fun and you really don’t give a flip, then get a stupid tattoo. A stupid tattoo is up for interpretation, but if you like a tattoo, get it. Stupid, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder and what is stupid to one could be a fun tattoo to another.  What makes something stupid, maybe the closed mind or the ignorance of others?

Stupid Tattoo ImageA stupid tattoo can be anything you like and others will not. Who cares? It is on your body, not theirs. A tattoo is a representation of a person’s personality, point of view, and interpretation of life. It is a personal thing with meaning and the wearer, not the viewer, should enjoy it. A tattoo is an expression like a bumper sticker. It is a symbol of who you are, what you believe, and what you like. You don’t down a soccer mom for having a “Kids on board” bumper sticker. Is it stupid, yeah, but do you confront that lady for stating the obvious. It is her car and your body, so who cares?

Let your imagination run free. What is stupid in your world? Authority, parents, children, in-laws!!! Get a stupid tattoo to show how you feel. The feeling could be humor, hatred, admiration, of just a way to have fun. Stupid tattoos can be as ambiguous as you want. It could be a stupid quote, an obscure comic book character, or a tattoo of someone you despise like a politician.  If this is to be a conversation starter, make it as stupid as you can. Mix two mismatched tattoos to create one, huge stupid one. Mix a cross within a Star of David or a unicorn with a buck toothed smile. See how many comments you will get with those ideas or come up with your own.

No matter if the tattoo is stupid or not, treat it like every tattoo. Think about it! Why are you getting it? Where are you getting it and are you going to be happy with it twenty years from now. It is still a commitment to get something stupid on your body, as much as a commitment as getting a serious tattoo.

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