Sunflower Tattoos: Sun, Fun, Flowers, and Love

Sunflower tattoos, Wow!! What a throwback to the sixties!! Remember the flower power generation. Listening to Jimmy Hendrix and the Who, the generation of love was upon them and they did not know how fleeting it would be. Now the tattoos of the sixties are making a roaring comeback. From the peace time to the flower of power, tattoos from the sixties are back again. If you are not a baby boomer and already have a cool sixties tattoo, it is time to ink some groove into your skin.

Sunflower Tattoo ImageSunflower tattoos represent love, life, freedom, and rebellion. The petals open toward the sun in yellow brilliance with the green of the leaves contrasting their brightness. The flower just screams life no matter where it is inked on the body. This is one tattoo you want seen because of its meaning and the joy of life the Sunflower brings. Unlike a rose, it does not have to do with love, but of life, of newness, of happiness. No one can frown when there is a sunflower around.

The cool thing about a sunflower tattoo is that the flower can be inked in any size. It can be made small to place on a wrist or ankle or it can be large and cover an entire shoulder or a back. The flower itself makes a great tattoo, but a little manipulation of the original can make the tattoo your own. You can make a series of small flower tattoos in a ring around the wrist or a bouquet of sunflowers to really brighten the day.  You can be original and add a red or pink border around the petals or add thorns to make the tattoo more edgy and serious. Your imagination is the limit and what you do with your tattoo tells the world a little bit about you.

Make sure that whatever tattoo you have in mind is something you really want. There are plenty of stencils out there with a sunflower tattoo on it, but for an original tattoo, create a design yourself. You can even mix and match different tattoo designs to have an original tattoo that no one else will own. Once your design is picked, get with an artist and see if he or she can make your imagination come to life.  The sunflower will blossom on your skin and, perhaps, bring a smile or some happiness into someone else’s life when they see it.

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