Sweet Sister Tattoo Ideas

If you have a sister, you know that sisters have a bond like no other relationship. You may fight and bicker, but at the end there is usually a hug to move on from the unpleasantness. That bond is tight and is usually tight for life. What better way to show your love for your sister and your love for one another than by getting a tattoo together to represent that bond. Sister tattoo ideas are out there and here are a few to get you started to a tattoo that will last a lifetime.


Sister Tattoo Ideas ImageYou and your sister can get a half tattoo. A half tattoo is a design where one person will get one half of the tattoo and the other person will get the other half. While apart, the half of a tattoo will remind you of your sister and when together, you can put the tattoo together to show the world that you belong together. The heart tattoo torn in half is a good example of a half tattoo. The tattoo defines that one will always be alone until the other half is brought together.

Identical Tattoos

Sometimes, if the sisters think alike, it is cool to get an identical tattoo. Not only is the tattoo identical, but to put it in the exact same place is unique. The tattoo has to be decided upon by both sisters and the same tattoo artist should do both tattoos. Each artist has their unique style and you would not want subtle differences messing up the symmetry. A special addition to this tattoo is that once the tattoo is chosen and inked, have the sister’s name under the tattoo. This will give it that little something extra.

Life Event Tattoos

When a life event happens, like a wedding or the birth of a child, it is sometimes fun to get a sister tattoo together. Even if your sister has the baby, you are a new aunt and it is time to celebrate. Once the honeymoon is over or the baby has settled in, go with your sister to a tattoo artist to celebrate and get that tattoo. You could get the same tattoo or you can go with a different tattoo to show how you interpret the event.

Themed Tattoo

A themed tattoo is a tattoo that is close in theme to another. For example, if you are really into gardening you might get a tattoo of a flower, a hoe, a potted plant, or an insect. When they are put all together, they create a gardening theme. Your sister and you can have a themed tattoo collection that goes together when you are together. Say you both like cooking! One sister can have a tattoo of an apron while the other sister can have a tattoo of a rolling pin. These tattoos don’t have to be gender specific. Any tattoo theme is worth considering.

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