Symbolism Of The Moon In Modern Tattoos

Tattoos are often more than just a piece of attractive art. The tattooed find the symbolism of the tattoos they get to be greatly important in their decisions to be tattooed. Since early days of modern tattoo art, many symbols have had levels of meaning that a typical onlooker might not understand. The moon has become one such symbol, and moon tattoos are very common.

Moon Tattoos ImageThe moon is generally considered a strongly feminine symbol, and moon tattoos can be found on more women than men. Referring to the moon as “she” is extremely common. It is also thought of as a symbol of fertility. The reason for this is most likely related to women’s monthly cycles being directly connected to the phasing of the moon. The moon can be viewed as a watcher, a lover, or a care-giver. Tattoos dedicated to mothers most often include a heart, but moons are also quite common.

A crescent moon carries a meaning related to renewal. It has emptied, and is anew. It will now fill again. The waxing moon is in a state of growth, and a tattoo of a new moon symbolizes the capacity to grow to contain more love, or family, or life experience. The crescent moon can also derive its meaning from the person wearing the tattoo believing they have begun a new phase in life. A new mother might get a tattoo of a crescent moon to symbolize her new life, and her ability to love all that may come.

The full moon’s meaning is that of finalization. It suggests and ending. This can translate into symbols associated with tribute tattoos for the dead, or tattoos created as a reminder of the end of a period in life. A drug addict who has kicked the habit may get a tattoo of a full moon to symbolize the end of that lifestyle. More often than endings, however, a tattoo of a full moon symbolizes the wearer’s wild side. It is associated with werewolves, insanity, and bright light within the darkness.

Getting a tattoo that carries a large amount of symbolism is important to many people. Moon tattoos are both very symbolic, and very attractive. They are a symbol of femininity. They are strongly related to renewal. They are a sign of one’s wild side. They represent a shining light in the darkness. Getting a tattoo of a moon is the perfect choice for a lot of people, and the symbolism lives on.

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