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Best Friend Tattoo Ideas You’ll Love

Sometime in your life you will have that ‘best’ friend that will do or die for you no matter what. They are very rare and sometimes comes only once in a lifetime. When you find that friend and you know that the friendship is solidified, you might want to get a best friend tattoo to…

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The Best Tattoos For Men

  LOCATION Though it is possible to get nearly any part of the body tattooed, there are some places that are better than others. Some locations are traditionally seen as more appropriate for men. Places that are commonly chosen by men include the shoulder, calf, thigh or upper back. The larger tattoos, guys often opt…

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The Best Tattoo Designs For Men

Lets face it, trying to figure out what work of art to permanently place on your body can be a little intimidating. You always want to make sure that whatever you are placing on your body is something you will want years and years from now. Luckily for us tattooing has changed so drastically, you…

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