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Celtic Cross Tattoos; Their Symbolism Throughout History Rings True

Celtic Cross Tattoos Created From Some Amazing History Celtic Cross tattoos represent the crosses that dot hundreds of cemeteries across Ireland and Scotland, as well as Wales, England, Europe, and beyond. Few symbols are as recognizable as the Celtic Cross as the embodiment of Celtic Christianity. It is popularly believed that St. Patrick introduced the…

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The Symbolism Behind Celtic Cross Tattoos

Many individuals get all types of tattoos that may represent different meanings or stories about themselves. Some people put a lot of thought into the tattoo that they are going to get and usually can tell a story to go along with it. Celtic cross tattoos are extremely popular for their designs and meaning behind…

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Knotting Up with Celtic Art Tattoos

There has been a revival in the present years with the popularity of Celtic art tattoos. Records of the Celts heritage goes back to ancient Gaelic times. Early Celtic humankind exhibited their skills in composite artwork and a Celtic art tattoo was more than art to them it held a more cryptic representation, an expression…

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