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Religious Tattoo Ideas; Christian, Patron Saint, Hindu Gods & Jewish Tattoos

From angels to Zeus, religious tattoos are a personal, private choice, often placed where others will see them. Finding religious tattoo ideas that represent your individual faith, without being offensive to others, for example, in the workplace, can be a bit tricky. But with a little imagination and a lot of thinking, you’ll be able…

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Christian Tattoo Ideas; Crosses, Fish, Jesus, Praying Hands & Mother Mary

If you are Christian and want to display your faith to the world, some Christian tattoo ideas might help you find the right way to wear a tattoo and tastefully display that faith with pride. There are several Christian tattoo ideas that may work well with one denomination and not the other. So check out…

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Crucifix Tattoo Designs & Ideas Inspired by History, Religion & Tradition

Crucifix tattoo designs are common among Catholics. The crucifix tattoo is a powerful symbol that represents the focal point of their beliefs, that Jesus died on the cross to redeem humanity. Some Christian denominations use a bare cross to emphasize Jesus’ resurrection. Catholics include the image of Christ’s body on the cross to represent his…

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