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Tattoo Removal Edmonton: When the Novelty Fades

Edmonton is a thriving town with a lot of hip people who love to embrace life. The people of Edmonton are current with social trends and have not been lost to the art of tattooing. People get tattoos for a myriad of reasons but sometimes those tattoos have to be removed because of life changes…

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Tattoo Removal Toronto: When the Ink Has Stayed To Long

If you live in the Toronto area, you know that tattoos are very popular with the young and old alike. Tattoos are great when they are done properly and have deep meaning behind them. If they are not inked properly or they have lost their meaning, maybe a tattoo removal Toronto based can help. There…

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Tattoo Removal Creams

There are many types of tattoo removal creams available today, below is some information and opinions to help you make a better decision if you choose to use some. One of the types of creams uses a FDA approved medical dermal device in conjunction with a cream that penetrates the skin and bonds to the…

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