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Cancer Ribbon Tattoos – A Reminder To Fight

Whether you are battling cancer yourself or if you want to show your love and support for a friend or family member who may be dealing with the disease, cancer ribbon tattoos are a great way to show you care while also staying strong through the process of treatments and overcoming cancer altogether. Many cancer…

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Breast Cancer Ribbon Tattoos Are Pink

Breast cancer awareness has become universally depicted as a single pink ribbon. This symbol not only helps to promote awareness of the disease that could afflict any would, but it also stands as remembrance for those women who have lost their own battles with breast cancer. Breast cancer ribbon tattoos have become a way to…

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Pink Ribbon Tattoos – The Fight Against Cancer

There have been lots of creative body art concepts over the years. Some of the most important ones are those that support worthy causes. Temporary There are a slew of individuals that get the pink ribbon tattoos that are temporary. This can be a fun way to come together for different functions like cancer relay…

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