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Chest Tattoo Ideas; Ships, Flaming Playing Cards, Ships, The Four Horsemen & Skull Incorporated Angel Wings

Chest Tattoo Ideas The chest and the back are two areas of the body that provides the biggest canvass in which to ink a tattoo. With such a large area, the right tattoo choice has to be made. Chest tattoos usually are bigger than normal tattoos and with that much area, they are a little…

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Male Tattoo Ideas; Barbed Wire, Weapons, Skulls and the Devil

Male Tattoo Ideas You’ll Love You’re a manly man and you want a manly tattoo. Manliness is in the eye of the beholder, but by being male society and perhaps your own desires want you to have a male tattoo. Most tattoos are male oriented and bring forth the idea of being bad and going…

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A Skull Tattoo Has Many Meanings

A skull tattoo can have many meanings, but the 1st one that comes to mind is death and morbid horror. This is not always the case, the wearer of the skull tattoo should not be judged because he or she has a skull tattoo. If you look back in history the skull image has been…

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