Tattoo Cover Up Ideas; Don’t Live With That Unwanted Design

If you have a tattoo that you now regret and want to change or get rid of, it might be time to consider a tattoo cover up. With a tattoo cover up you can lose that old design and vicariously receive a tattoo that is more to your liking. Tattoos are a great form of self-expression, but after a time life changes and your perspectives change and may not align with that old tattoo. A tattoo cover up can erase that old tattoo and have a better tattoo that combines your new life perspective and at the same time gives you a great new look. There are many tattoo cover up ideas to consider.

First, you might want to consider a tribal design. That way you will have a new tribal design tattoo and at the same time the old tattoo will be covered up. Tribal designs blend well with older art and they are deeply colored. The thick lines and bold color will cover up that old tattoo and give you a fresh perspective and look. Tribal designs use geo-metric shapes and are colored in to give a primitive warrior look. Tribal tattoos are also very popular these days and is your old tattoo is out of date, then the tribal is a step up to a new and more fashionable tattoo.

Cover Up Tattoo Ideas ImageOne of the most common tattoos that are removed or covered up are names. Too often a person will get a tattoo of their significant other to show how much they love the other person. Life happens, and that perfect relationship can turn sour quickly. Now that name will be on your body for the rest of your life unless you cover the tattoo or remove it. Removing the tattoo is costly and can take time. A cover up has less cost and only takes the time it takes to get a new tattoo. When you cover up the name, cover up with the same color of ink. That way the color will blend. You can also add or detract to the name to make it be incorporated into a new saying. This is a little tricky, so make sure the addition fits.

It may have been some time since you have gotten that old tattoo. You may be surprised at the newer, more modern tattoo designs that are out there. The industry has changed to include new designs, new ink compositions, and new techniques. If you haven’t been in a tattoo shop, you will be amazed at what kind of artwork can be used to cover up that old tattoo. Go visit a shop and talk to the artist. Let them see the old tattoo that you want covered up. They can give you advice of how to cover up the tattoo and show you the latest designs that will not only be popular but unique. With the right choice, that old tattoo will be blended in and nobody will even know that it was once there.

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