Tattoo Designs Are The Foundation Of Tattoos

Tattoo designs have been the foundation of getting a tattoo for decades. Almost any tattoo shop around the world will have the walls of the studio covered in what is known as flash. Flash is basically an artists designs put together onto a sheet of paper in common groupings of images.

Many artist have multiple sets of flash, these tattoo designs are what the person interested in getting a tattoo look at for ideas, or sometimes just pick what they see in the tattoo design sheet. These images range from wizards and dragons to pin ups and cupcakes. Many people now also use the internet  to search for design ideas, as well as many tattoo artists. That can be a great starting point for a tattoo idea, but remember that these are someones tattoo’s or designs, copying them might seem like a good idea, but trust me it is not.

Tattoo Designs ImageGetting the right tattoo design may require a custom illustration from a tattoo artist. Many people think that every tattoo artist can draw, that is not always the case. Many artists rely on tattoo designs to do the tattoo, Some of these artists do terrific work, but always check out the artists portfolio before committing your skin to someone for life.

A custom tattoo artist is someone who draws a unique design that is one of a kind and that design has the tattoo artists personal style worked into the design. Many custom artists may charge a bit more, but in the end having something that is one of a kind is worth the extra cost.

Imagine walking down the street and seeing your exact tattoo on someone else!!! that might make you feel like your tattoo is not that special and in hind sight, getting that tattoo design off of the wall may not have been the smartest decision.

Take the time to choose your tattoo design, your skin will thank you later.

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