Tattoo Designs For Guys

“The world is divided into two kinds of people: those who have tattoos, and those who are afraid of people with tattoos.”

What is it about a man and his tattoo that would even make a married woman think twice?

Tattoos have been around forever and since forever is a long time, it is safe to say that many types of tattoos have graced the bicep, triceps, thigh, back, you name it on both male and female. Tattoos were once used as human canvasses to radiate adoration to ancient deities. Now, it’s just plain beautiful to add some rainbow color to an already spectacular specimen created by God, especially the male form.

Tattoo Designs For Guys ImageFor the novice looking to break virgin skin to the experienced tat lover looking for something new, here are some tattoo designs for guys to consider the next time you think about going to the ink shop.

Tattoo designs for guys: Lions, Tigers and Bears, Oh My! Big cats are always cool to look at, especially handsome lion faces and glorious tigers crouching. A bear tattoo is a great consideration simply because not many people have them. Any favorite animal will do, just make sure that you do your best to find a great picture, because your tattoo will depend on how good of a picture the artist can ink over.

• Tattoo designs for guys: Memorable Events. This is much simpler because for the most part all you need is a date. If it is a birth date of a child, you can request calligraphy or fancy cursive writing and still choose whatever type of image you want to go along with it. Again, this can depend on what you choose but also who you choose to be your ink artist. Always do careful research.

• Tattoo designs for guys: Be an angel and give God the glory. Nothing says honor like inking your body with someone you love. Many Christians show their love for Christ by getting a beautiful picture of their Savior on their back. Tattoos of angel wings on the back of a man are swell eye catchers, especially when it comes to attracting future wives. Bible scriptures make great tattoo ideas too.

• Tattoo designs for guys: For love of country. Many men have said that they would give their lives for this country. Fortunately, tattoos only require a prick of a needle and very little bleeding, if any at all. Nothing says patriot the most than a gorgeous tattoo of the USA flag or whatever homeland you are most proud of inked on a visible part of the body. They are especially great for combining with military symbols for veterans. (Semper Fi!)

• Tattoo designs for guys: Make money advertising. Times are hard and the best way to make money is to have your own business with low overhead. If you feel that you have the body to pull it off, consider using God’s gift to you as advertising space for open minded business owners looking to put some umph in their marketing. Come up with a good price point and just make sure that you include the fee for getting the tattoo in your price point.

With the right picture and a steady hand, you can have a tattoo that will satisfy for a long time.

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