Tattoo Fonts, The Glues In Tattoos

Many tattoo shops around the world rely on the use of fonts for tattoos. From traditional old School writing, to fancy cursive.

You can search the internet for websites that offer free fonts or font generators. Your results will be in the hundreds of websites that have fonts that can be used in tattooing.

Tattoo Fonts ImageYou can also look on eBay and clever con artists have put together a package of fonts that they got free from one of the font websites and called it a super tattoo font package. Almost all the fonts can be found for free or unique custom ones can be purchased from the author direct or from the font site for much less.

Either way it is your money and you can save it or spend it as you please. I am just offering ideas to help boost your collection and save you some hard-earned cash along the way.

Some tattoo artists draw their own custom tattoo font, or have their own way of designing lettering that is a trademark of his or hers work.

Do some research and find out what better suits your needs, if you just need a basic name in a banner or simple old English name across your back, the font will suit you just fine. If you’re looking for a cool graffiti style tattoo or intricate swirling name, then finding a tattoo artist to draw it may be required.

Some tattoo artists have lettering that is far more perfect than a computerized font, you can search name tattoos or word tattoos and usually spot the fonts compared to a professional tattoo artists custom lettering. Do your research and think about your ink before just having it done. You will glad you took the time to do a little research on fonts and lettering when you end up with an amazing tattoo.

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