Tattoo Heart: Different Beats for Different Peeps

A tattoo heart is one of the most popular tattoos today and, for that matter, in the past. The heart represents love. A person who gets a heart tattoo does so to show the world that he or she has a deep passion or love for someone else or a concept. If you are looking at getting a heart tattoo, think about what really stirs emotion in your life. This tattoo can be a girlfriend, a boyfriend, a wife, a husband, or just a lover. The heart itself is a great tattoo, but aligning it with a love one makes it special.

The most famous tattoo heart is one with the word Mom in the center, above, or beneath the heart. Moms are the forefront of thought in young men and some women and to have her title inked with a heart is the ultimate sign of respect. The heart tattoo with mom on it will show that you are not afraid of telling the world that you have a special bond with the woman who gave you life.  This making this statement tells others that you are not afraid of your feelings.

Tattoo Heart ImageAnother popular tattoo heart is a heart with the name of a significant other inked within this. Be careful with this concept and make sure that the woman or man that you ink within the heart will be someone you are going to be with forever. If a break up or a divorce happens, it would be hard to date someone else with another name without causing friction. Tattoo removal is expensive so make sure that you are sure that it is your soul mate you are having tattooed within the tattoo heart.

The heart tattoo can also be included in other tattoos to make an intricate design or could be incorporated as a center piece with the other tattoos surrounding it. The heart is the symbol of love, but one could be said to have a courageous heart. The tattoo could be placed within a sterner tattoo like a military design or even that of a creature of the night. The tattoo would then represent the bravery of the wearer or show that the creature or image that might seem evil has a heart and cares.

When choosing a tattoo heart, you will find that there are many designs available. Most tattoo shops have stencils on hand for you to choose from, but if none fit your taste, go on an internet search and find a tattoo online that fits your taste and your wants. You can either by a stencil from a tattoo supply site or you can find an image that you can print and take to your artist. Remember that the size of the tattoo heart will factor into the cost of the tattoo. The heart edges are simple, but the artist will have to use a lot of pink or red ink as a filler. The larger the heart, the more filler will have to be used.

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