Tattoo Ideas For Guys

An almost countless number of tattoo ideas for guys await men as choices. But men are advised to choose thoughtfully, because their selection will be with them throughout every day of their life.

For example, tattoo ideas for guys can be divided into three large, diverse groups – nature designs, legendary designs and designs from the skies.

Tattoo Ideas For Guys ImageNature designs – these tattoo ideas for guys include images of animals and plants, usually artistically stylized. Animal designs include the lion, seen as a symbol of strength, courage and leadership; the wolf, symbolizing the fierce, solitary individual, and the eagle, another symbol evoking strength and courage. In other parts of the world, other nature designs are even more popular. In Asia, the colorful koi fish – usually shown swimming upstream – evokes beauty, strength and grace. The dragon, a beautiful and popular tattoo, has different meanings in different parts of the earth. In Asian culture, it is seen as representing the supernatural, as well as strength, courage and good fortune. In western culture, there can be a hit of the ability to strike fear into the heart – as well as wisdom, force and strength.

Legendary designs – more tattoos ideas for guys include images drawn from a wide variety of legends. For example, the cross of Christianity is shown as representing strength and love; the heart itself is a symbol of love, often with the loved one’s name or initials added to the art. Sometimes the image of a broken heart, or a heart with a dagger through it, is chosen as a memento of lost love. The anchor, once seen strictly as the choice of sailors, is now used to represent strength and constancy. An endless choice of Celtic designs – knots, bows, harps and shamrocks – hark back to a Celtic heritage. The Star of David and/or the seven-branched candlestick evoke Judaism, while the skull can indicate a nod to the occult.

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