Tattoo Ideas For Men – Chest Tattoos

The tattoo is a phenomenon that is not going away and is actually getting more popular by both genders. There are many reasons men get tattoos because they want to express themselves with body art and with the right design and location on the body, the tattoo can be something that proclaims that expression. Back in the day, only prisoners, rock stars, sailors and other rebels were the only men that were getting tattoos, but today tattoos are even seen as a trend in the fashion world and is accepted into mainstream life. Now that it is widely accepted, men get tattoos to show their religion, their memories, or their affiliations with daily life.

Tattoo ideas for men can come from several sources. The person might have seen the tattoo on a person he admires like a sport’s hero or a celebrity. The idea might come from a lost relative or loved on. Other ideas come from green tattoos or tattoos that do not go out of style.

Tattoo Ideas For Men Chest ImageOnce you have a tattoo on your body, you become an advertisement for that design. The design can be copied just as it was copied when it was first inked, but the idea behind the tattoo is as individual as the person who wears it. The tattoo should have deep meaning and an attachment to someone or some time in a person’s life.

As mentioned before, sailors have tattoos, but certain tattoos have deep meaning. The bluebird tattoo is one of these. When a sailor has made a trip of five thousand miles on a ship, the bluebird tattoo is usually inked upon his chest. This is a badge of honor to the sailors. When they hit ten thousand, another bluebird is tattooed on the other side of the chest. Sometimes these bluebirds are identical, but many times there are slight variances because since the sailor is traveling, the tattoo artist probably would not be the same. The slight difference in the style of the artwork may also be adjusted.

Sometimes men pick the nautical star as a tattoo. The star shows direction in life or to pursue goals. The star is a guiding symbol that has endured throughout the ages. The star can also be a person’s symbol for remembering where home is or that there is a destination that has to be achieved. The star can be on one’s chest, forearm, upper arm, back, or thigh. Each individual and each star has a story to be told.

All tattoo ideas for men does not have to be macho. The tattoos can have a feminine connotation that can add to that person’s collection of tattoos. Many men wear a fairy or some other mystical creature on their body because they have some kind of connection with that symbol. If a person is wearing a full or half sleeve tattoo, they can intricate the traditional, the trending, and meaningful tattoos that can express not only beauty, but meaning all through the tattoo.

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