Tattoo Polynesia Style Means a Beautiful Contrast of Black Ink and Skin, Geometric Patterns, and Oftentimes Naturescapes.

Tattoo Polynesia ImageLush green tropical landscape and blue flowing oceans. Polynesia is home to great natural beauty and some of the best tattoos in the world. Tattoo Polynesia style means a beautiful contrast of black ink and skin, geometric patterns, and oftentimes naturescapes.

Turtles, lions, and manta rays are some examples of tattoo Polynesia that I have seen. With the animals offset by repeating patterns that solidify the look and create a mesmerizing effect. Tattoo Polynesia and tattoo the world.

Today is a great day for a tattoo! Look for local artists you are specialist in Polynesian tattoos. Polynesian tattoos have a long history and were originally applied to the skin in a very different way from our current techniques. Skilled artists can create a beautiful Polynesian tattoo with the modern tattoo guns, or for an authentic experience you can still get it done in the old way. The old method involved using an ink covered comb, sometimes made of bone, and tapping it quite painfully into the tattoo wearer’s skin. Ouch!

The style around the islands is similar but each distinct region brings with it subtle differences. From the far north in Hawaii to Samoa in the southwest and the eastern island on the far east. These three points create a nice triangle encompassing the Polynesian islands. I recommend getting lost out there for a while. Island hop and find your inspiration for a truly great tattoo.

Polynesian tattooing has been around for over 2000 years and it seems clear the tradition is here to stay. You can become a part of that legacy by getting some ink yourself. Picture the beautiful islands, the grass skirts, and the stuffed pig roasting on the spigot. Picture the beautiful geometric patterns and tribal art you have seen. Dream for a moment what it would be like to proudly show off your own tattoo.

If you can get an old world style tattoo you could find yourself at the hands of a master tattoo artist. One who has had the style passed down through generations of family. In ancient times essentially every single Polynesian had a tattoo of some form. The tattoos could display rank or social hierarchy. Historically the tattoos were a way of showing a bit of one’s character or symbolizing the desire to receive strength or power from the gods.

Today you can still become a part of the Polynesian tattoo tradition. Go get one!

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