Tattoo Sleeves: Time and Money Equals Art

Tattoos have been around for thousand of years and they have found a resurgence in America since the early 1990s. Various forms of tattoos have become popular such as the Celtic Cross or tribal tattoos. For the serious tattoo lover, a tattoo sleeve is the most creative form of expression that can be placed on the body.

A tattoo sleeve is a tattoo that covers the entire arm from the shoulder to the wrist. It is a grandiose expression of creativity that can be constructed as one large tattoo or broken up into several tattoos that either tell a story or just portrays the individual’s taste and preferences. Some are intricate while others flow in artistic beauty.

Tattoo Sleeve ImageThis type of tattoo is usually inked in three ways that are popular. The half sleeve which only covers the lower or upper arm, a quarter sleeve that only covers the skin from the elbow to the shoulder, and the full sleeve that covers the entire arm from the wrist to the shoulder. For the enthusiast, both arms may be covered. It is up to the budget and the wishes of the wearer.

Before a sleeve is decided on, one must take into account the price of the tattoo. Even small tattoos are expensive and the decision to do a full arm tattoo is a serious one. If the cash is available the tattoo can be inked in one sitting, but if cash is low, one might decide to have the tattoos put on spread out through time. By having the tattoos put on piece meal, a more decisive thought process can be made to which tattoo should be beside or inter-meshed with another.

Time is also a factor when deciding to get a tattoo sleeve. For each smaller tattoo, look at about an hour for each. If one wants the entire sleeve done in one sitting, than 20 hours is the usual time. Make sure your tattoo artist is prepared for the duration. This may take up to four days to finish the tattoo and the artists desire to do it in one sitting is an important consideration.

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