Tattoo Stars – Choosing the Perfect Color

Tattoo Stars ImageTattoo stars have gained widespread popularity due to various reasons. Still, their splendor and glamour at night intrigues astronomers and the common people alike. Some have fallen in love with these bright starts so much that they’ve taken a plunge and got cosmos tattooed right on tier bodies! Well, there’s both a right and a wrong way to go about it, and we’ll cover both of them for you.

Stars can be quite challenging, and if you are interested in a realistic star tattoo, it can be really hard to get the right balance and color. Since cosmos is totally black, the tattoo will have dark colors and may not show up at all on some skin types. Therefore, you should choose the best design for your skin tone, and find the expert tattoo artist who knows all about tattoo stars.

The best way to tattoo stars is to either use a white-yellow colored start superimposed on a strong grey-black universe, or use a solid colored start that’s not superimposed against the cosmos. If you choose the former option, you must ensure lot of space and blend between white and black color of the star outline. Otherwise, star won’t be visible easily.

If you are interested in a nebula or a realistic galaxy on your skin, you should opt for a brightly colored design in some familiar shape. A spiral nebula would be great because everybody can instantly recognize the shape. Using whites, bright blues, and yellows can also help your astral image pop up prominently against the darker cosmos background.

You can easily fix this by choosing a classic five sided colored start. Many people opt for them as they are more playful and have childlike innocence in them. The best spot for star tattoos is your legs or forearms where you can have a line of motion stars or starts. Another option could be to have a simple star tattoo that you can use as bracelet or anklet tattoo. All these designs can easily impress even most avid tattoo patrons.

You can also play with the colors of the starts when choosing your star tattoo. Let’s have a close look at the meaning of commonly used colors in star tattoos:

• Red- Passion, love, victory
• White- Purity, honesty, spirituality
• Blue- Creativity, calm, universe, lightness and cheerfulness
• Green- Sexuality, fervor, ecology, natural connections, power
• Yellow- Intelligence, enlightenment, inspiration
• Purple- Depth, wealth, royalty, physical power

Using these colors in tattoo stars gives them much better meaning and you can choose the best one for your own start tattoo. In fact, choosing a personal color also gives a personal meaning to your tattoo. There’s no limit to your creativity when you’re working with stars in your tattoo!

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