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Tattoo Training ImageTattoo training has been done differently throughout the years by many different cultures. Many take on a master and learn under him (even live with him or her)while others work in tattoo shops in traditional tattoo apprenticeships. I personally think that the person looking to learn has to find what works for them.

With today’s modern internet capabilities many artist are self taught and or trained online. This practice is accepted by many, but shunned by a few as well.

Many believe that you have to go through the traditional training to be any good or gain the respect of other artist. This may be the case in some circles, but others are more tech savvy and understand that there is reputable online training available.

I agree that if one can afford a true in person apprenticeship that they can learn many valuable things and understand the business first hand. But i also believe that there are situations where training s not available or affordable or work, in situations that online training or other options will help the person seeking out training.

Any education that a person gains will help them in their progression towards their goal.

Many apprenticeships cost thousands of dollars, some over 10 thousand. During these training periods the person will learn about the trade and work usually unpaid for a period of 1-2 or more years. This is a great chance for the person that is seeking training to learn as many of the great tattoo artists in the past have learned. If this is what you are seeking, by all means look for a reputable apprenticeship under a highly skilled tattooed artist. Just make sure that you understand the commitment and cost upfront and are available to meet the requirements if needed.

Many states have regulations for training, a quick call to the state will help you understand what is needed to become a legitimate Tattoo artist in that area.

There are tattoo schools and dvds available as well, some of these may be the way for you to go to get your start. Some of these options may not fully train you, but could be a valuable asset to your future. I would just check into the schools and or dvds and see what they offer and how they will help you. A simple email will help you understand how they work and what they can offer for you.

If you do not get the reply you were seeking, it may tell you a little about the people offering the training or dvds. You can also check into the schools and see if they are registered schools or just use the term school in their clever attempts to help you out. If schools use Dvds as training, make sure that the person using them is the instructor, Or has the permissions to use the training materials. Many bootleggers are out to make a quick buck and take advantage of people.

So in closing, look for what works best for you and do the research needed to make a educated decision.

There are legitimate places out there, just seek out the way that works best for you.

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