Tattooed Eyebrows: When You Are Tired of that Morning Make Up Routine

Make up is a pain to put on every day and more and more people are turning to permanent make up. This means that tattoos are applied to the face instead of makeup. Eyebrow tattoos are becoming popular as an alternative to plucking and coloring eyebrows. People are tired of taking of their time with the daily ritual. You should really think about these types of tattoos. Once applied, there is no room for modifying as your face gets older or is your face gets bigger. You can modify the tattooed eyebrows, but there are limitations of how you can modify it. But if the idea of no more eyebrow maintenance appeals to you, facial tattoos might be the way to go.

Tattooed Eyebrows ImageSo if the decision is made, read on! Tattooed eyebrows can be applied in several different colors. Most would want the color to match the hair on the head or facial hair if you are a man. You can go off the traditional color schemes if you want the tattoo to be noticed.  Bright reds, yellows, or intense blacks will definitely get attention, and if you want to be really exotic, you can go for some non traditional tattoo designs like using feathers or scrolls to replace your eyebrows. Your imagination is the limit.

When you get ready for tattooed eyebrows, you will first have the hair of the eyebrows removed for good. This can be done through electrolysis or minor reconstructive surgery. The hair is removed to make the ink of the tattoo applicable to the skin without complications. The hair can hold bacteria that could infect the new tattoo and with it you. Once the ink is applied, the hair follicles will probably not grow again, but if they do, a new hair removal treatment might be in order.

When the tattoo is applied, it may require bandages over the tattooed eyebrows for several days. If you are self-conscious, you might want to take a few days off of work or from outside activities. In a few days, the dried blood will flake away. You might want to ask the tattoo artist what kinds of crèmes or ointments you can use to help the healing process and to keep the dried area moist. Once the healing process is complete, you will be able to take off the bandages and sport your new eyebrows in public.

Some plastic surgeons will administer tattooed eyebrows, but this is an expensive option and if you do not have good insurance, it should be avoided. A good tattoo artist will have the same tools, ink, and sanitation procedures that the doctor will have and it is a little more fun to go to a tattoo studio than it is to go to a surgeon’s office. The atmosphere is probably friendlier and not as socially sterile as the doctor’s office. The artist can tattoo your eyebrows at a fraction of the price and might even do a better job.

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