Tattoos and Women

I have been doing some research on tattoos, especially women tattoos. I have found that many women like flowers, beautiful birds and beautiful butterflies. I myself would like to get a tattoo on my back, up on my shoulders, with my children’s footprints. Their very first ones, but the footprints will be made into butterflies. I do not see many tattoos that women have, that are skulls, unless they are wrapped with a flower; the rose is the most common flower used with a skull.

Women Tattoos ImageWomen tattoos that have flowers actually do have meanings to them. For instance, the apple blossom flower or tree, means strong love, peace, sensuality and fertility. I have not seen to many of these blossoms tattooed on women. Lily flowers are for nurturing, unions and long lasting relationships. The butterflies, that I would like to get, represent good luck, health, blessing and abundance. I want my children to have all of these things in their lives.

The colors in women tattoos even represent things or feelings. Red is the color of passion, vibrant, a person of action, and a deep love. Orange is a more subdued meaning then red. Orange colors in tattoos mean, harmony, contentment, and intelligence. The color yellow represents, creativity, protection, intellect, and positivity. Green is the color of new beginnings, youth, growth, one with nature and health. Blue colors in a tattoo mean freedom, imagination, sensitivity and inspiration. Indigo or dark purples are deeper meanings then blue but pretty much the same. The indigo means, persuasiveness, strength, fluidity and pervasiveness. The lighter hues of indigo, like violet are more fragile and calm. This color means spirituality, communion, devotion and peace.

Black in a tattoo means dignity, force, and zero-tolerance. All colors use black to bring the right hue out. The final color that is used is white; this color represents, peace, cleansing, purity, innocence, and high understanding.

The tattoo that I would like to get is for my three children. Three butterflies made out of my children’s footprints, for good luck, healthy lives and never having to worry about where their next meal will come from, which is abundance. I would use colors of orange, yellows, greens, blue, white and red. My children are all strong in their own ways and I want to remember that for the rest of my life.

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