Tattoos For Guys

Men have many distinctive types of tattoo motifs from which to select. Tattoos are very popular among men. These tattoos come in many designs and styles that attract diverse audiences. The reason for this is that various types of tattoos have different meanings and hold a special significance for men. Bearing this in mind, let us talk about some of the more sought after tattoo designs available for men today.

Tattoos For Guys ImageThe following list does not begin to scratch the surface of the endless number of tattoos or tattoo designs out in the world today. It is a good representation of some of the most popular designs in the tattoo world.

Tribal Tattoos – Tribal tattoos originate from Polynesian tribes and depict power, masculinity and much strength. Drawn with darker angled lines and edges, they also include curves. They make a valiant statement no matter what size the tattoo is.

Winged Tattoos – Wing tattoos are inclusive of hawks, eagles, vultures or other winged creatures. Most often, these tattoos live across the chest or span a man’s back from should to shoulder.

Japanese Tattoos – These tattoos are gaining popularity and consist of Koi fish, dragon art, and Kanji symbols. These types of tattoos, like the tribal tattoos, are representative of courage, power, and force. In order to make a statement, these tattoos used to be very large, but are available in scaled down smaller versions that are quite appealing works of art.

Sailor Tattoos – These tattoos for guys are admired in the western hemisphere. Today, these redesigned sailor tattoos are more abstractly modern and trendy. They can include many vivid colors. This tattoo category also includes the proverbial pinup girl. Both types of these tattoos for guys are good choices for their significant meanings and worn on a man’s arm.

Crosses and animals – Cross and animal tattoos are in definitely relevant and in style. These tattoos are comprised of intricate details facilitated with major advances in tattoo ink, styling, and equipment.

 Body art fans agree there are several tattoos for guys that would be attractive, but there are so many thousands of choices from which to select. Therefore, decision is not always an easy one. Many a man wants a tattoo, but they do not know exactly which one to get. They are in the same dilemma as many men who have pondered the possibility, but have not quite reached a decision on which tattoo to get. Perhaps they would benefit from considering some of the top choices today. This may help a man decide on the perfect tattoo for his body.

Tattoo experts agree that some of the most popular tattoos for guys are the skull, the dragon, pinup girls, a heart with mom’s name inscribed within, a man’s girlfriend’s name, a cross, Japanese symbols, tribal tattoos, and nautical stars just to name a few. Let us discuss one of these tattoos types, specifically. In the tattoos for guys category of “names,” we should discuss how men incorporate a girlfriend’s name in their tattoo. This particular tattoo type merits some discussion because it is a permanent and very popular one. This type of tattoo makes an appearance usually on an anniversary or on the Valentine’s holiday. Inking of this tattoo makes a huge statement as little else conveys the commitment for a permanent relationship. This tattoo tells the world that this man is a romantic. Normally, this tattoo appears on a man’s arm or forearm for the world to see. Rumor has it that men do not mind getting this tattoo because it gives them a good excuse to get an even larger and more extravagant tattoo in order to cover up the specific name should the relationship not work out.

The last tattoo style we will discuss is the “sleeve” tattoo, which is probably the most recent addition to the tattoo trends. Sleeve tattoos really have become the latest in body art, particularly among males. Selecting just the right tattoo sleeve is not as easy as one might think. When a man begins to choose how he would like the skin from his elbow to the top of his shoulder to look for the duration of his life, he must be positive and ascertain he is getting the very best in body ink and beautiful art available. The image must be precisely and perfectly drawn and depict the man’s persona. After all, this perpetual sleeve becomes part a man’s body as he ages and matures. Therefore, the choice of art is crucial and one the man can enjoy for the rest of his life. Much thought goes into the sleeve tattoos.

Tattoos for guys come in a myriad of types and are remarkable to say the least. We have discussed that tattoo art varies from full-blown artwork to that of customizing the tattoo to fit the man’s distinct original preference regardless of the tattooed piece of art.

After all is said and done, one must recognize that tattoos today are a form of art that predominantly holds some inimitable degree of a man’s personal artistic significance. Whether a man is having the name of his girlfriend permanently tattooed on his skin, is a fan of the trendy tribal tattoo, or is simply looking to have a work of momentous art inked across most of his body, one thing is certain. He wants it to be a representation of something so uniquely different that nobody else could possibly duplicate it.

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