Temporary Tattoos: Testing the Waters before the Big Decision

Tattoos are cool and most people will want one sometimes in their life. If you have not decided on a design or if you are afraid of the procedure, you might want to try temporary tattoos until the decision for a permanents one is made. Temporary tattoos are removable and if you do not like it after a few days, you can just take it off. It is a good alternative for people who want to enjoy the presence of the tattoo without feeling the obligation of a life time commitment.

Temporary Tattoos ImageThere are three main types of temporary tattoos. The first is the stick on variety. This is the simple tattoos that you can find in almost any department store or even from vending machines. You just put the tattoo against your skin, douse the back of the paper with water, and you have a temporary tattoo. Some of these tattoos have intricate designs while others are designed with just fun in mind. When you are done wearing the tattoo, you just simply peel it off your skin and throw it away. The tattoos quality could differ, and the old saying is that you get what you paid for applies. Most are child safe.

The second type of temporary tattoos is henna tattoos. The henna tattoo is more for adults or older children. The Henna tattoo will stay on the skin longer than the stick on variety. The henna ink stains the skin to an almost dark, tan color. The henna should be fresh so check the expiration date on the ink before it is applied to you. Older henna ink will be lighter and will not last as long.

The final type of temporary tattoos is air brushed tattoos. An air brush tattoo uses paint and a stencil. You pick out the tattoo design and the location of the body where you want the tattoo. The artist simply uses an air brush to paint the design. These can be very intricate and the color choices are more available. This type of tattoo will last for a few days and will wash away with time. For faster removal, a solvent like mineral oil can be removed. If the tattoo has had time to dry on, it will take a little elbow grease to remove it completely.

Applying temporary tattoos is not as much a decision maker as getting a real tattoo. Real tattoos are a life time decision. Once you get a real tattoo it is hard and expensive to remove. Temporary tattoos allow a person to see what it is like to have a tattoo and how others will perceive them with it. It also gives the potential wearer time to find out what tattoo is going to be the best for them. It takes a lot of thinking to make the decision and a lot of research to find what design fits their personality, interests, and convictions. A tattoo should mean something and not be decided on just for aesthetic reasons.

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