The Benefits, Cost, Facts and Drawbacks of Lip Tattoos

Lip Tattoos ImageLip Tattoos on humans are considered to be the latest trend in fashion and uniqueness.


One of the major benefits of having an inner lip tattoo is that it is concealed until intentionally shown. This location is perfect for individuals that have always had a deep desire to get a tattoo, but because of their careers, fear or some other reason has put it off. In addition, many people choose this location for a word that has a personal meaning or that the world may find offensive (and they don’t want to display all the time).

Due to the limited space available, it is advised to choose nothing larger than four symbols for inner lip tattooing. A favorite number, a favorite word or the name of a loved one are common lip tat choices.


Lip tattoos were very common in identifying race horses, by way of the last name of the race jockey or the owner would be inked on the inside of the horses’ lips. This was done to quickly identify the horse in case it was lost or stolen, and could be identified and returned to its rightful owner.

Human Lip Tattooing are not a new concept, as it was very common in ancient Mediterranean and African cultures, to change the appearance of the lips, so that they could appear fuller or narrower by using brown or dark red pigments and needles.

Lip tattooing of today last anywhere from one to five years, but many fade dramatically after just a few months.


Acquiring a tattoo on the lips may make drinking, speaking and eating quite difficult for a few days, until the healing process is complete. It should be obvious, but remember to choose an artist and parlor that is clean, to avoid any potential infections. Vitamin D and A ointments work to help prevent bacterial buildup.

Almost half of the inner lip tattoos fade completely within 12 months, due to improper care. Follow the after-care instructions provided by the tattoo artist, and keep your lips as dry as possible. Alcohol will make the ink fade quicker. Fading is common the first few days, and after a week or two (when the swelling goes down) you may consider having it retouched.
Even when all the after-care is properly followed, your tattoo may still need to be retouched every 12 to 16 months or it may just totally fade away.


Overall, many tattoo artists’ base their fee on the design complexity, and the sign of the tat. Inner lip tattoos are usually inexpensive, because the design is usually simple and small.
In addition, you may want to find a tattoo artist that specializes in inner lips tats. Many artists prefer not to do them, because they can be messy, and it is very challenging to get the ink to stay in place (and not smear).

In many cases, you may be holding your lip down while the artist works on your lip tattoo, so it is important that you have a steady hand.

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