The Best Ways to Cover Up Tattoos

Cover Up Tattoos ImageIf you’ve an old tattoo that you are desperate to get rid of, or even a new one that you now regret, you should consider cover up tattoos. This is best and the easiest way not only to get rid of old design, but also to get a new one more to your liking.

Let’s have a close look at some good ideas to cover up tattoos:

* Tribal-There are so many rich tribal designs that can easily cover up the entire tattoo that you are not interested in. tribal tattoos can blend well, and are so richly colored that even if you want your old fading tattoo covered, it can do that job.

* Name cover ups-Many people want to cover up the name tattoos. Most of them carry huge amount of regret, so covering them can be a great, relieving experience. You can cover up the names in different ways. Choosing a design in the same color as the original name can do the job well.

There’s another less likely option-you can change the name in some way! Re-wording it or making it comical so that it now means something different. For instance, top actor Johnny Deep successfully changed “Winnona Forever” tattoo to “Wino Forever”. However, it’s rare that a good name change may work, but you should consider it if it can work in your case.

* Modern tattoo designs for cover up-A best way to cover up your undesirable tattoo is to get one of the latest designs out there. Most new designs are very rich in details and colors, thus making your cover up job very doable. Aside from covering your old tattoo, you are also replacing it with a new, much better one.

* Wear long sleeves-This is a hassle free way, but is a temporary one. We know this option won’t be the best one on a hot day. Aside from that, it also limits your choice on what you can wear at work.

* Cover up your tattoos with the right kit!- If you are interested in buying a cover up for tattoos, it is important that you choose a good kit that can hide your tattoo effectively. Otherwise, you’d be courting embarrassment. If you want to cover up a large tattoo effectively, you must ensure that your kit has three important things: waterproof camouflage paste, setting powder and a special remover tonic.

The waterproof camouflage paste is actually a makeup for you because it will completely cover up your tattoo from sight. Most pastes are almost same and can easily do the job, but you must ensure that they are waterproof. Next, you should apply some setting powder to prevent any smudging. It’s easy to work with the setting powder, but sometimes it’s difficult to find the shade that fits your skin tone. Even the best powder will take time blending with your skin. Most makeups will provide you with a full day’s worth of coverage.

The remover tonic is used for removing both the waterproof paste and setting powder. As you won’t be able to wash the makeup using your normal soap, it is important to use the tonic. You can also use dermablend sticks to cover up tattoos around the face or neck area, as skin there is sensitive. They spread easily and also blend well with most skin tones.

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