The Infinity Tattoo: To Infinity and Beyond

Okay Buzz Light Year, what does ‘infinity’ mean? Infinity is a concept that is abstract and describes something that is without limit. The symbol ? stands for infinity. The term is usually associated with the disciplines of physics and mathematics. It is derived from the word infinitas which is Latin and can be defined as unboundedness. The infinity tattoo, like the symbol, appears as a sideways 8. This means that whatever point you start at on the symbol and whichever way you go, you will always come back to the original point. It is like the geometry concept of a line that goes either way into infinity, which is hard to imagine, but the will bring you back to the same starting point.

Infinity Tattoo ImageAn infinity tattoo, as with every tattoo, has meaning. That meaning is interpreted by the person who gets that tattoo and may be different from any other perspective. In Hindu culture, an infinity tattoo would suggest that idea of reincarnation. That you have always been alive in one form or another and that you will be alive again after death as a reincarnation of your formal self. Though grounded in the Hindu religion, many people not of that faith will wear the tattoo as a symbol of their belief in life after death. This is not considered the ‘life after death’ of the Christian faith, but one that you will have another life on earth. Though there is an end point of life in Hinduism, Nirvana, the faith does believe that life is eternal.

Another purposed for the infinity tattoo is that it might symbolize everlasting love. Some people will have the tattoo placed on their body and then have their name and their significant other’s name tattooed within each circle of the symbol. This will bind them forever in love and in relationship. Though this is a kind sentiment, make sure that you have really found your soul mate because if things do not work out, it would be difficult to find another person with the same name, or you would have to hide to tattoo or have it removed if you move on in life and found another person to be with.

Another idea for the infinity tattoo is that of idea of a concept without end. This could be anything from a career, a religious belief, a relationship, or even a branch of the military service. Just by tattooing the infinity sign next to an existing tattoo will give that tattoo the extra meaning of forever. For example, the infinity tattoo inked with the Marine Corps insignia would mean that that person is loyal to that branch of service forever or hopes that the ideas and concepts of the Marine Corps will stand the test of time. An infinity symbol inked within a tattoo of a cross could mean that the person wearing the tattoo has an undying devotion to their faith or church. As a symbol that can add ‘forever’ to any tattoo, it is worth the extra dollar to add it to an existing one.

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