The Most Popular Form of Asian Tattoo Styles is The Symbol

Asian Tattoo Styles ImageAsian Tattoo styles have become a constant favorite for those looking to add some ink to their bodies and embellish their skin.

The most popular form of the Asian tattoo styles is without a doubt the symbol or character.Tattoos are considered a permanent form of expression so it is no surprise that most people turned to symbols that meant things like “strength”,”love” and “happy” or even a proverb .They view them as part of who they are and of the person they want others to see them as.What makes these styles different from the usual “Tweedy Bird” or “Fiery Skull” is the kind of people who wear them.People who want them usually have them done in a visible place. Since it is a part of their identity, they wear them like a talisman,with pride as if they could actually draw something from it. It is uncommon for them to feel remorse somewhere down the line and have them removed or keep them hidden.

Not too long ago this particular type of Asian tattoo was all the rage and anyone that was anyone including Hollywood celebrities had one on their shoulder,wrist ,neck or back.Due to their high demand ,tattoo shops had to keep up with the rising trend and suddenly you could get one practically anywhere.However, it is highly improbable that every shop has an even close to accurate translation and this became an issue.As a result, there is a vast amount of people who went to shops in search for characters like “courage ” for example, and unknowingly ended up with the one for “book” or even “toilet”. When people started to realize how common it was to get the wrong symbol the hype ended.For many, ignorance is bliss and they will never know.

Other less popular Asian tattoo styles involve dragons, swords like Katanas, warriors and myths.These styles look a bit more Japanese .They are very artistic and colorful and there is great attention to detail.In most cases they bear some meaning to the person who wears, maybe an inner struggle, or even ancestral.The women who wear these want them to look beautiful.These styles are often decorated with the traditional Geisha ,cherry blossoms,masks and multiple shaded Koi Fish which bear a meaning of their own.

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