The Mystery Behind the Snake Tattoo

Tattoos are a big hit by the young and old. Many people get snake tattoos but they do not know the true meaning behind the snake. Many people associated the snake from Biblical themes such as life and death. There is something about the beauty of snakes that influence many people to get tattoos of them.

Snake Tattoo ImageSnake tattoos can represent positive events in a person’s life. The snake shed its skin which helps transport it. The snake is both a symbol of change and rebirth. The Native Americans associated the snake with both lightening and as a symbol for everything tough and manly. The snake is also a symbol of secret knowledge and wisdom. Not all things associated with the snake are positive. Even since the times of Adam and Eve the snake is associated with dark and evil things. To some people snakes are a symbol of temptations and everything that is forbidden. Snake are also a symbol of danger since their venom can kill a person within a matter of minutes. Chinese culture has yet another meaning for the snake. To them the snake represents gracefulness, wisdom gentleness, and even calmness. The snake is also a Chinese Zodiac symbol for certain years. Some people get this tattoo for their birth year or the year of someone close to them. Snakes are also known in many cultures as creates for healing and have great healing powers.

When choosing from several snake tattoos placement and the tattoo artist doing the work are every important. Snakes have a lot of fine detail and it is important to have a quality artist draw it up and do the tattoo work. Snakes look good when they are wrapped around the body such as the biceps or the wrists. For women they can place the snake on their lower hip or their lower back so it will move with them. Cobras make good back pieces for both men and women. Snakes represent many things both good and evil. When getting a snake tattoo make sure to go to a good artist and work out all the details and coloring beforehand.

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