The Popularity of Indian Artwork in Tattoos

Tattooing has become a popular form of artwork all over the world. As the popularity increases, so have the styles of tattoos that are available. The traditional tattoo style is no longer the only art work available. Artists are looking to all types of artwork and cultures for inspiration. Because of this movement, Indian tattoos are becoming increasingly popular outside of their geographical area.

Indian Tattoos ImageThe details and artistry of Indian artwork translates beautifully in to inspirational tattoos. Indian artwork is renowned for its symbolism and spirituality. Indian gods are a popular subject of Indian art, and subsequently have become popular tattoos. These tattoos provide in-depth meaning to the person who chooses to get inked with these elaborate images. Ganesh is one of the most popular gods found in Indian tattoos that symbolizes the overcoming of obstacles. As different gods represent different aspects of the Indian culture, the tattoos of gods transfer the meanings to their owners.

The art of mehendi is a popular form of temporary tattooing in India. This artwork is feminine in origin, and is traditionally done for festive occasions and weddings. These floral designs are intricate and feminine, and are most often found on the hands and feet. These lovely designs have become popular with women all over the world due to their flowing and organic nature.

Other subjects of Indian artwork include the ever popular peacock, plus a variety of other animals and flowers. These classic designs represent a love and respect for nature inherent in the culture. The lotus flower is one of the most popular images in Indian artwork. These nature based symbols are associated with rebirth and openness of spiritual consciousness.

As tattooing becomes more mainstream, the availability of new and unique work is increasing. Ethnic artwork and symbols cross cultural and geographical boundaries. This provides a plethora of art and symbols for artists to draw from as they strive to create tattoos that symbolize particular meanings or events in their clients’ lives. Indian tattoos are a prime example of this cross-cultural phenomenon. These exquisite and intricate tattoos bring meaning and beauty to the owners of this tattooing style.

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