The Popularity of Wing Tattoos

Some of the most popular tattoos include butterflies, hearts, skulls, dragons, and wings. Why are human beings so attracted to these types of tattoos? It’s possible that, due to their diverse application to a person’s own personality, people are most attracted to these things because their meaning is obvious. Plus, these objects tend to hold a poetic and personal meaning for so many.

Tattoo Wings ImageOn the subject of tattoo wings, people are usually most inclined to place them on their back. Usually, they take up the entirety of an individual’s back, or at least a large part of it. Although, these wings come in many shapes and sizes, the tattoo wings are usually made up of feathers. This is so that they resemble either a bird’s wings, or even that of an angel. It’s this illusion that many tattoo fanatics are so attracted to since, as mentioned before, there’s really a poetic quality in mimicking an unearthly feature.

It’s for this reason that a customer will, more often than not, opt in for the most realistic rendition of wings that they can get. This is achieved by masterful shading ability and a great outline to accommodate such a realistic attempt at skin modification. Many of those who choose to get wings tattooed on their backs tend to seek out an artist with enough skill to achieve 3D (or almost 3D) quality. This can create the illusion of the wings “popping” out, when looked at with the right angle.

Another style of tattoo wings that is commonly chosen, is the tribal styled set of wings. This is meant more for those who are fans of more abstract art. This set of wings usually comes in pure black, rather than the colored possibilities that a more shaded pair of wings would entail. Although, it’s not unheard of for someone to get color shaded wings, while still sticking to a more tribal style of tattoo.

A less popular type of back wing, but still commonly used, is the bat or dragon wings. This type of wing hardly ever has a feather style and has a more edgy appeal to it. The wingspan is more spikey and more abruptly shaped. It’s also more often created to look realistic, sometimes with the addition of a claw at the wing’s tip. This type of dramatic effect can really help the design to stand out, while giving the customer a very fantastical look.

Another type of wing tattoo, which differs from the bat or angel back wings, includes a set of wings attached to a centered image. This is usually a heart with wings sprouting off the top, or even objects like a sun, a crown, a diamond, and so much more. These winged tattoos are usually smaller than the type that span the entirety of the back. A winged tattoo of this nature is placed on a smaller scale in a random part of the body, such as the ankle, the calf, the chest, the belly button, the small of the back, and so on.

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