The Samoan Tattoo: Be One With the Big Daddy’s Of the Islands

When you think about Samoan, a big, burly Islander probably comes to mind. Samoan’s are big people and getting a Samoan tattoo is becoming the ‘big’ thing to do. These kinds of tattoos are different than the run of the mill tribal tattoo. There is something distinct about the tattoo just like there is something distinct about the Samoan people.  They are more mystic and have more of a sense of erotic and tropic persona. The tattoo is a mark of cultural price and the designs are so unique they have now become popular with non-Samoans worldwide.

Samoan Tattoo ImageYou may not be a Samoan, but the cultural pride can be inked on your body as a statement of who you are.  What makes the Samoan design so attractive to the average Joe? There are variety of designs that give off stunning effects on the body. The patters are elaborate and are considered more beautiful than the traditional tribal.  They can be inked on the wrist or ankle, but for the full Samoan presentation, full body tattoos are considered as they can run up you knee, across your torso, and down your arms and one continuous presentation of tribal individualism.

Tattoos have been a part of the Samoan culture for thousands of years. In the culture, when a body stops growing, the tattoos begin. The tattoos show status in the community and lets the people around them know that they are a person of importance who knows their place in society.  Both Samoan men and women get tattooed, but for obvious reasons, the tattoos on the make are always bigger.  As the Samoan society progressed, the art slowly switched from the common man to that of royalty. The higher the prestige, the more intricate the design.

If you feel like a complicated person with basic, tribal undertones, then a Samoan tattoo could be right for you. It is a commitment because of the area of body that has to be inked, but the tattoo will be unique and represent your wild side.  It will give you that sense of mystery that many find attractive. There is no rhyme or reason with the tattoo and many will not see it for what it is, but you will know the deep history and culture that goes along with it.  Even though you are not one of those big Samoan dudes, you can still claim to the right to follow their traditions.

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