The Story Behind Diamond Tattoos

Diamond tattoos have grown in popularity recently. A lot of people get them because they go with the tattoo they want, they saw a design with a diamond in it or just because they like the look of them. Others really put thought into their tattoos. They think about what they want the tattoo to say about them, about life or about a particular idea, person or place, depending on the rest of the tattoo. They think about what a diamond tattoo, or a diamond in a tattoo means, what it represents and what it will say when people see it.

Diamond Tattoos ImageTraditionally, diamonds represent wealth because of their cost and the value that we put on them. They are also used to represent fashion because they are typically used for jewelry. What you may not know is that they also represent divine beauty, absolute perfection. The flawlessness and clarity of a diamond are some of the qualities that people look for while buying them. They represent all of this not only because of their obvious innate beauty but also because of the way they come to be what they are. A lump of coal under enough pressure causes the coal to harden and become clear with a crystalline structure. That is why diamonds are so beautiful and sought after, because they are a miracle of science. Something nobody cares about can turn into one of the most treasured things on earth. For this reason, and the fact that they are the hardest substance on earth also allows them to represent perfection and miracles or strength and durability. That versatility and beauty is what makes the diamond tattoo so popular.

The symbolism of this particular tattoo can be endlessly different. They can symbolize the strength of a relationship, the beauty of something, a person’s wealth, or almost anything depending on what it is put with. The most important factor in what it represents is the person getting the diamond tattoo. They are the one who pair it with colors and other symbolism to tell a story. Sometimes just one look will tell you what they mean, sometimes only they know until you ask. What is really important is that they know what it stands for, and they love the story it tells.

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